How to Make Garden-Grown Liqueurs

by Corinne Mossati

Much like making syrups and shrubs, garden-grown liqueurs are another way of preserving your produce to use in mixed drinks and cocktails. Here’s how to do it.

Garden Liqueurs

Garden Liqueurs – Photo © The Gourmantic Garden

What is a Liqueur

A liqueur is a sweetened and lower ABV alcoholic liquor that is flavoured with spices, fruit, herbs, vegetables, nuts or seeds. You may be familiar with coffee liqueur used in an Espresso Martini or Irish Cream liqueur.

Making a liqueur from garden-grown produce takes a little know-how but it’s not that difficult to prepare. Unless you’re using an ultrasonicator to make a liqueur, you don’t need any specialised equipment.

There are many garden-grown ingredients that can be turned into a liqueur. If you grow lemons, you can easily make Limoncello or you could get creative by combining various flavours such as in the Cape Gooseberry and Lemon Balm liqueur.

Whether you’re growing herbs, spices, fruit or nuts, you can turn your produce into an alcoholic drink. I usually use vodka as the spirit to make liqueurs but you could also use other neutral grain spirits or a product called Everclear (not available in Australia).

Want to Know More about Making Garden-Grown Liqueurs?

You’ll find more information on how to make garden-grown liqueurs and use them in cocktails in my 260+ page digital book GROW YOUR OWN COCKTAIL GARDEN available now.

Updated 26 June 2023

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