May 2023 in the Garden

by Corinne Mossati

May 2023 in the Garden: slowing down for winter and some very exciting news coming this way end of June.

If you think I’ve been a little quiet here on the website, there’s a fine reason for it. Next month, at the end of June, I will be revealing what I have been working on for quite some time. And I’m getting very excited!

Before I start with the monthly garden update, it was great to be back on national radio with Real World Gardener on 2RRR FM with Marianne Cannon talking about chicory and 3 ways with witloof with another segment next month. If you miss them, you can always listen to my radio segments on Real World Gardener here.

May 2023 in the Garden

May 2023 in the Garden: Inside the Drop Over Greenhouse

Inside the Drop Over Greenhouse – Photo © The Gourmantic Garden

The two greenhouses on top of two raised beds have proved very useful. I started using them to protect seedlings from whatever was digging up my garden and now they serve as protection from the white cabbage moth. The cucamelon plants are looking super sad however they’re still producing large sized fruit. I have removed one that covered one half of the arch but will keep the other one as it’s inter-tangled with the African horned cucumber which decided to bear fruit. I started another round of peas to go behind the greenhouses on the raised beds but germination is super slow. My potted lemon plant looks a little sad but it’s bearing flowers and tiny fruit.

The majority of the winter sowing is complete. Everything has slowed down and so have I.

Life with the Vegepods

Vegepod Kitchen Garden - Photo © The Gourmantic Garden

Vegepod Kitchen Garden – Photo © The Gourmantic Garden

My outdoor and indoor vegepod kitchen garden are thriving. I’ve relocated the indoor unit against a wall, replaced the soil and started again with seedlings this time. Lettuce and coriander are thriving and the unit looks like a piece of living art at night. The only issue I’ve had was those pesky fungus gnats. I’m trying something new and will report back next month.

Greenhouse Vibes

Life in the greenhouse has also slowed down. As I mentioned earlier, I’m attempting a new round of peas as well as, chard and leafy greens. My focus at the moment is Pandan and pups. Pandan is super sensitive to the cold and this week it will move inside for winter. I’m still undecided what to do with the pups and whether they prefer to stay outdoors inside the greenhouse.

May 2023 in the Garden: Australian Natives

Bush Tomato

Bush Tomato – Photo © The Gourmantic Garden

Old man saltbush is doing well in various parts of the garden. Warrigal greens have self seeded in a pot where I first grew it 3 years ago. My bush tomato plant turned into a leafless twig. Not having the heart to get rid of it after nursing it from seed I smoked before planting, the plant showed new signs of life. The chocolate lily has flowered. Ruby saltbush has finally formed berries and the Atherton raspberry has formed flowers which means there will be fruit soon.

Recent additions to the native edible garden include bulbine lily, murnong and chocolate lily.

Exciting News

As I hinted above, the countdown to something super exciting has begun! As some of you know, I have taken sabbatical leave from Cocktails & Bars this year to work on a big project and consequently, the articles on this website have been a little scarce. I am now less than one month away from the big reveal and I can’t wait to share it with you. Stay tuned for the big announcement which will take place in the last week of June. Until then!

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