10 Reasons to Start An Edible Garden

by Corinne Mossati

If the idea of starting an edible garden conjures up visions of acres of land or a huge backyard lined with raised garden beds, it all may seem daunting at first.

Start Edible Garden

Zucchini Flower – Photo © The Gourmantic Garden

Anyone can grow an edible garden. To get started, all you need is sun, soil, seed and a little knowledge which I hope you’ll get out of this website, and you’ll soon be harvesting your own herbs and veggies.

There are so many benefits to starting an edible garden. Here are my top ten reasons based on my experience in my first year of growing food.

10 Reasons Why You Should Start An Edible Garden

  1. It’s much healthier. You can grow your own organic herbs and vegetables free of chemicals, pesticides and preservatives.
  2. Your produce will taste a lot better than what you buy in supermarkets as it hasn’t been refrigerated and sprayed with chemicals.
  3. You’ll be reducing your food mileage. Having a kitchen garden at your fingertips means you only have to step outside your front door, back door or balcony to pick what will be on your plate in no time.
  4. A lot more variety is available for you to grow from seed. Bored with the usual radish? Try growing a long fire radish that looks like a carrot. Looking for a substitute for spinach? Give Warrigal Greens or Malabar Spinach a go. There are so many alternatives to what supermarkets have on offer.
  5. Edible gardening is a positive step towards self-sustainability and understanding where food comes from. Once you get started, you’ll become more attuned with nature and the seasons. And you may never want to eat tomatoes in mid-winter again.
  6. You’ll get outdoor exercise, vitamin D and fresh air. You’d be surprised how much muscle tone you can build by gardening. There’s a lot of lifting and bending, and the best part, it won’t feel like exercise at all.
  7. Edible gardening reduces stress and is great for mental health and finding work-life balance. Imagine what it would feel like to grow a zucchini plant from a little seed, watch it germinate, grow, develop flowers then produce all the zucchini you can eat.
  8. It’s cheaper in the long term. How many times have you bought fresh herbs only to use a few sprigs, have the rest spoil in the fridge and inevitably throw it out? With a little herb garden, you’ll have your herbs on demand and you’ll be reducing waste.
  9. You’ll impress your friends next time you’re cooking for them. Telling them you’ve grown the purple beans that they’re about to eat from seed or that the leafy greens were freshly harvested an hour ago is sure to leave a lasting and tasty impression.
  10. The best reason of all is that edible gardening is a delicious hobby. You reap eat the rewards while connecting with nature and appreciating what you eat seasonally.

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