The Cherub Highball (Non-Alcoholic Cocktail)

Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Recipe

by Corinne Mossati

The Cherub Highball is a three ingredient non-alcoholic cocktail using Cherry Shrub with Australian Native Botanicals.

Cherub Highball

Cherub Highball – Photo © The Gourmantic Garden

This recipe was featured in my webinar How to Use Your Edible Garden Botanicals in Cocktails

Shrubs, also known as drinking vinegars, are an ancient way of preserving fruit by using sugar and vinegar. Shrubs are fruity and tart with a flavour profile that balances the sweetness with acidity.

For this non-alcoholic cocktail, we’re using my recipe for Cherry Shrub with Australian Native Botanicals. The shrub is flavoured with cinnamon, allspice and star anise along with lemon myrtle, native thyme and old man saltbush as the Australian native botanicals. I created this shrub recipe for the Cerise Cocktail which pairs with brandy or Cognac.

The Cherub Highball is an easy to mix non-alcoholic shrub cocktail for when you don’t want to drink alcohol. The drink is tall and refreshing and can be enjoyed any time of the day. For the garnish, I used a sprig of native thyme for aromatics and an edible native violet flower.

The Cherub Highball – Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Recipe

Created by Corinne Mossati, The Gourmantic Garden


Glassware: tall glass
Garnish: native thyme sprig and edible flower (I used native violet)


In a tall glass filled with ice cubes, combine the cherry shrub, squeeze of lime and top with soda water. Give it a gentle stir and garnish with a native thyme sprig and native violet.

Variations & Tips

For a variations on the Cherub Highball, make a Cherub Sonic by using 30ml of the shrub and topping with soda water and tonic water in a 1:1 ratio.

Depending on the flavours in the shrub, you can top with your choice of ginger beer, ginger ale, flavoured soda such as lemon soda or kombucha. Have a play and find a mixer that suits your palate.

For a low alcohol variation, top with a dry sparkling wine, Champagne or Prosecco and serve it up (no ice cubes) in an elegant coupette or a champagne flute.

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